Diane DeLong – Owner and Author

          It takes a special kind of person to become a part of the Critter Sitters individual whose primary passion is loving and caring for all types of pets - “through sickness and in health”, and that applies to the sitter as well as the pets he or she is caring for. In other words, no matter how lousy the sitter might feel, the show must go on! A Critter Sitter is prepared to respond to emergencies and handle them swiftly, knowledgeably and many times creatively. Crises occur ranging from a cat going into insulin shock, requiring a quick dose of Karo syrup and immediate veterinarian attention, to a broken water heater or pool pump needing immediate repair.

          One of my favorite stories involves a spoiled Blue Front Amazon parrot. His care is a perfect example of what lengths an owner will go to in order to provide a totally satisfying meal and atmosphere for his beloved pet.

          The parrot requires a gourmet meal twice a day, and when the owner is out of town I, “Aunt Di”, am the designated chef! We start by steaming an assortment of fresh veggies, boiling pasta, “nuking” chicken, ground beef or fish, and chopping up fresh fruits. Then, all of the food groups are placed in little mounds in a circle on a clean pie dish. To top this off, extra hot jalapeno sauce is poured over the entire meal, including the fruit! The lights are dimmed and the weather channel is on with soft music. Now, I'm on the sofa with the plate balanced on my lap, along with a small cup of orange juice for the bird who is happily perched on the rim of the plate, and we are ready to dine. Bon Appetite!!

For further information, call Diane DeLong at (772) 285-7197

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