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  How many people have had the opportunity to make their living helping other people by caring for their loved ones, their precious pets? 


 We at “Critter Sitters” have been blessed with such an opportunity, and after 25 years in the business, are fortunate to have been able to expand our in-home pet service to an area stretching from Ft. Pierce to the Palm Beaches.
 It has taken that long to build a staff of dedicated people who are gifted with the love and knowledge of a variety of pets, and who are willing to accept the responsibilities that go along with “critter sitting.” The sitter must be available seven days a week, able to stay overnight with the pets, and willing to work on holidays, along with being able to administer medications including insulin injections.

For that kind of dedication the rewards are priceless: the gratification of making appreciative owners very happy, receiving the affection – yes, even adoration – of their furry little “children”, and being treated like members of their families. 


Why should I use a pet sitter?

There are many reasons for choosing to hire a pet sitter. The number one reason though is your pets stay in the comfort of their own home, in their familiar surroundings. Other reasons are:

·         Your pet experiences less stress - no other animals, no parade of strangers, no noises from barking / meowing.

·         Travel time - no trips to or from a kennel.

·         They are kept on their regular routine.

·         They don't need to have any special shots.

·         Your pet is not caged (unless your pet is crate trained to begin with).

·         They are not exposed to other animals who may be sick.

·         You don't have to impose on friends, neighbors, or family to care for your pet.

·         Pets at home are a crime deterrent.

·         We bring in the mail, water plants/lawn, and keep an eye on your home.

·         Your pet receives one on one observation, pampering, love, and attention while you are away.

·         Your pets deserve the best!


Is it affordable for me to hire a professional pet sitter?

Yes. Considering all you receive. If you have multiple pets, pet sitting can actually be more affordable than kenneling. Would you pay more for a service that comes to your home catering to the needs of your home and pets? There are advantages to having an in-home service that offers crime deterrent services such as: rotating light and blinds, picking up mail and newspapers, watering plants and rolling the trash down to the curb. If you have dogs their presence is also a crime deterrent measure. All of this gives your home a lived in appearance while you are gone. Pet sitters check on homes as well as pets and can report problems such as broken pipes, break-ins or anything suspicious.

Service rates and extra fees should be discussed before services take place. Rates vary. Prices can be effected by how long the visit is for, where you live, the number of pets that need care, and other factors. If you're pet has special needs or you just want more pampering, pet sitters offer overnight services too.

Leaving the care of your home and pets to someone who understands what a profound responsibility it is for them to be there makes the fee seem quite small. It is important to remember that pet sitters are busy and hard working professionals; many who work 365 days a year to provide these services to their clients. Pet sitters have many business expenses: insurance, registrations and licenses, bonding, printing and office costs, advertising costs, field supplies, phones and other communication devices, taxes and one of the biggest is automobile and fuel costs.

Hiring a devoted professional is a caring investment and provides piece of mind that your pet is well cared in the comfort of your loving home.


A professional pet sitter is always concerned for the safety and well being of the animals in their care. Professionals understand what can happen in that extended time between visits and it causes additional concern for them. Please make this decision carefully, as it could be a costly one for you and your beloved pet.




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